Woman Thought She Could Sleep Safely With Her Pet Python Every Night, Until The Vet Showed Her The Startling Truth

She thought her snake was cuddly companion until an ultrasound revealed otherwise.

Cassandra was stunned to see what she found when she examined an ultrasound image of Reggie the snake she thought she knew so well, her perception shattered by what she saw on it. At first she thought Reggie may be sick or acting strange, but in truth the truth was far more devastating.

Cassandra was distraught. How had she been so blind to the true character of Reggie, her beloved pet? For weeks they had been sleeping soundly together until now when the mere thought sent chills down her spine.

She felt silly for having overlooked the signs. Reggie’s curled body, his intense gaze…she took them as affection and loyalty from him but in reality it was frightening knowing he would be watching over her at night…What should she do now?

Bar Harbor was a small, quiet town where gossip ran rampant. Charming houses and gardens lined the streets, as did friendly faces like Cassandra who moved in with Reggie – an enormous python that quickly made headlines – after she relocated there in her 30s as a single woman who preferred privacy. Soon enough however, whispers began about Cassandra and Reggie being neighbors’ companions and began becoming concerned over their safety.