How The Perfect Female Body Has Changed In The Last 100 Years And Every Decade Since

Perfect Female Body : The ideal representation of the female body has undergone a significant transformation throughout history. The past hundred years have seen different cultural, social and aesthetic standards being reflected in each decade’s depiction. During 1920s, an androgynous physique was embraced while the narrow-waisted hourglass shape gained popularity during 1950s. In contrast to that natural slender built became popular from mid-1960s till late1979’s after which athletic build with toned muscles received appreciation until supermodels characterized by tall lean frames dominated modeling industry during1990’s .

As we approached new millennium curvaceous yet fit bodies were preferred over thin-framed ones And now more recently there is increasing emphasis on acceptance towards all types of figures as opposed to only one type considered ‘ideal’. This fluid perception reflects society at large thereby empowering women to feel comfortable in their own skin whilst embracing their inherent uniqueness & individualism.’

1. Beauty Can Be Timeless, But Trends And Beauty Ideals… Not So Much!

Beauty Can Be Timeless, But Trends And Beauty Ideals… Not So Much!

As civilization advances, our conception of attractiveness also develops. This is apparent through the varying aesthetics throughout history. For instance, during the 1900s, an ideal appearance was a full-figured and curvaceous silhouette with a cinched waistline; The Gibson Girls from that period were seen as paragons of beauty and sophistication.

Nevertheless, by the 1920s there had been in contrast to such ideals towards slimness associated with youthfulness depicted in flapper style fashion designs.. During subsequent times like those between (1930 –1949), Full hips returned but less extravagantly than before . Famous Hollywood actresses like Marilyn Monroe contributed significantly to promote these standards at this time.

Eventually then (1955) ,a more demure form became popular including hairstyles pinned up neatly coupled with well-tailored dresses.Although fashions changed considerably over human histories it proves quite conclusively therefore that what one considers beautiful or attractive remains largely susceptible to outer forces beyond individual control dictated primarily today by prevailing societal norms trends etceteras.